Maintenance on 6/7/08

June 6, 2008

The site has been behaving strangely lately and I’m not sure how I managed to break it or what is wrong, but I’m looking into it actively.  I’m going to be working on any intensive-changes starting tomorrow (saturday) morning since weekends tend to have less traffic than weekdays.

People have been forwarding me a good bit of info about the problems, and it has been very helpful. If you have seen anything strange (especially if you have noticed a pattern in it), please pass the information along to me!

Hopefully the site will be all patched up by the end of tomorrow. Check the blog for updates as things are happening (brief outages are very likely tomorrow).

I really apologize for the oddities on the site. They are almost certainly my fault (and even if they weren’t… they would be since it’s my responsibility to keep things humming along).

Thanks for your patience,
– Sean