Setting up new server right now

September 20, 2008

The new server exists, I’m setting it up and am hoping I can have it all done before I go to sleep.

There is a decent amount of stuff that needs to be done before it’s all working. If you’re technical, or just like watching lists as they are being completed… I’ll be tracking the upgrade here.

I’ll also be making occasional updates to the @lyricwiki twitter account.

The new server will be another Apache server and is named “Cochise“. That is the name of the last great Apache chief, and also the inspriation for the song Cochise by Audioslave.

There will be downtime for an unknown length of time tonight. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum, but the site is so slow it’s practically down anyway.

PS: Special thanks to our awesome webhost for getting the new box here & set up quickly!


New server coming tomorrow!

September 19, 2008

And not a moment too soon.  Traffic is down a significant percentage in the last few days.  The site is so slow and bothersome that I even find myself hesitating to load more pages when I go to the site.

Anyway, while I was waiting, I made a list of all of the changes I think are necessary for the upgrade (although there is the potential that I could get surprised).  I plan to update the list during the upgrade.  There will be an outage during which the list will be unavailable, but that’s not a huge deal, hopefully.  Some of the tasks don’t require the new server to be here for them to be started, so I’ve already begun.

Here is the list of upgrade tasks:

ps: If anyone wants to make a style-sheet to make the page less ugly, I’d be more than happy to put it up, but designing one is lower-priority for me than doing the things on the list.

DNS Fixed. Let the music play…

February 18, 2008

We got the DNS fixed and now everything is behaving nicely again.  All of the known problems from the previous post were fixed.  Rock on.

Fixing things, expect weird behavior (2/17/08)

February 17, 2008

There is an issue with our DNS servers (which help our servers know where other computers are), so a few weird things are messed up throughout the site.

Known issues include:

  • LyricWiki Challenge Facebook Application is completely unresponsive
  • iTunes Top Songs, feeds and other RSS feeds on the site are not being pulled
  • Anything where the server accesses its own SOAP API (the client.php page or the “fixed” link on SOAPfailures) does not work

Teknomunk is l33t with this Linux stuff and is helping me work through it. Thanks for your patience, sorry about this 😦

Correction: downtime rescheduled for 1/17/08

January 17, 2008

The server isn’t going down tonight… instead I’ll wait until tomorrow because our web host
is putting my servers into new racks (for free… shwing!).  There’s going to be some downtime for that (gotta move 4 servers), and probably a brief outage tomorrow morning/early-afternoon to do that little fix I was going to do tonight.

Ripping off the band-aid… getting all of the downtime out of the way tomorrow hopefully 🙂  (haven’t had any since Thanksgiving until this I don’t think).

After I’m in, I’ve also started working on a way to make downtime even shorter in the rare occasions that we will have to restart the server in the future (previous downtime was primarily due to the surges in traffic which we finally figured out how to handle).