Correction: downtime rescheduled for 1/17/08

January 17, 2008

The server isn’t going down tonight… instead I’ll wait until tomorrow because our web host
is putting my servers into new racks (for free… shwing!).  There’s going to be some downtime for that (gotta move 4 servers), and probably a brief outage tomorrow morning/early-afternoon to do that little fix I was going to do tonight.

Ripping off the band-aid… getting all of the downtime out of the way tomorrow hopefully 🙂  (haven’t had any since Thanksgiving until this I don’t think).

After I’m in, I’ve also started working on a way to make downtime even shorter in the rare occasions that we will have to restart the server in the future (previous downtime was primarily due to the surges in traffic which we finally figured out how to handle).