“LyricWiki Challenge” Facebook Application

September 6, 2007

Exciting news… we’ve just launched the LyricWiki Challenge Facebook Application!

LyricWiki Challenge is a simple game based off of the collection of lyrics to over 400,000 songs on LyricWiki.org. It gives you a small chunk of lyrics and three possible songs that those lyrics might have come from. When you correctly guess the source of those lyrics, your points go up. Get enough points and you can win a Trophy that gets displayed in your profile.

The game can be played using all songs, or one of 10 genres (Rock, Pop, Urban, Country, Christian, Emo, Classic Rock, Indie/Folk, Oldies, or Disco). There are Trophies for each category, as well as overall Trophies.

The rankings show how you compare to your friends or to all other users on Facebook.

So without further delay, we introduce:

LyricWiki Challenge!


LyricWiki Challenge - Main screenLyricWiki Challenge - Ranking screenLyricWiki Challenge - Genre selectorLyricWiki Challenge - Gameplay!