New server looks good (plus a surprise!)

So far, LyricWiki has been running pretty well with the new server (our 5th server, named “Cochise“) set up with the rest of them.  I’ve moved the API completely to that server which takes a good deal of the stress off of the site itself.

The site has been pretty fast since the new server has been up.  However, there have been occasional slow-patches, and looking at the CPU usage on the main webserver for the site – it’s definitely still not “calm”.

Surprise 1

So here’s a fun surprise: today I ordered another server! 😀

For the first time in a looong time, we can hopefully stay ahead of demand instead of suffering for a couple of weeks until it’s unbearable and we’re forced to upgrade.

Surprise 2

W00t! This is an uplifting blogpost… lots of surprises! Anyway: the second surprise is that starting in October, I’m going to be decreasing the time I spend at my day-job by 40% so I’ll only be in the office 3 days per week. That’ll give me two whole days more each week where I can work on Motive Force products like LyricWiki. This should help things become much more stable very quickly.

Well, that was an abnormally enjoyable post for this blog – which usually just announces outages! The site still isn’t totally upgraded (because the weekend ended before I could make all of the extensions work), so I have to run back to that. I took snapshots of a bunch of performance stats before and after, so I’ll post those sometime soon.

Thanks for your patience during those past few weeks. Hopefully we’re in a whole new era for the site!


2 Responses to New server looks good (plus a surprise!)

  1. Redxx says:

    I can’t keep up…my brain hurts!! (Rfl) Thanks Sean for your efforts with the upgrade and for your continuing commitment to making LyricWiki the best lyrics site on the web!

  2. !elbakrameR® says:


    I’ve posted to LyricWiki a few times in the past, usually annonymously. Yesterday, I registered and will be posting under this name.

    I just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve put into the site. Lyric sites, to me are invaluable to what it is we denizens of The ‘Net are really doing, which is archiving as much of the 20th (and 21st!) Century as we can get our hands on. So, in the future, when Elroy Jetson wants the lyrics for Led Zep’s “Black Dog”, he can find them easily. 🙂

    Thanks for creating LyricWiki®!

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