Setting up new server right now

The new server exists, I’m setting it up and am hoping I can have it all done before I go to sleep.

There is a decent amount of stuff that needs to be done before it’s all working. If you’re technical, or just like watching lists as they are being completed… I’ll be tracking the upgrade here.

I’ll also be making occasional updates to the @lyricwiki twitter account.

The new server will be another Apache server and is named “Cochise“. That is the name of the last great Apache chief, and also the inspriation for the song Cochise by Audioslave.

There will be downtime for an unknown length of time tonight. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum, but the site is so slow it’s practically down anyway.

PS: Special thanks to our awesome webhost for getting the new box here & set up quickly!


3 Responses to Setting up new server right now

  1. savedr says:

    I just wanted to personally thank you for establishing this site and keeping things running. I absolutely love LyricWiki, and I don’t bother to go anywhere else now for my lyrics. I’ve become an active contributor to the site as well, which is such an awesome feeling.

    Before I saw the blog here, I was worried the slowdown was indicative of the site being shut off for good. I am so, so happy that that is not the case, and I’m thrilled that you’re improving the site instead!

    Thank you very much! This site has touched my life, and I thank you so mich for keeping it going.

  2. Peterle says:

    Same here. 😉 Thanks for lyricwiki!

  3. Mischko says:

    I totally agree with the first comment. The site is currently fast as … well, you can think of something.

    I hope this will be the start of a new era for LyricWiki. Thank you very very much to both Sean and the great host.

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