Back up…

Problem fixed.

Coincidentally, today I’m working on a long-term plan to fix everything I consider a weak-point of LyricWiki and uptime and manual monitoring is certainly one of those (the reason it tends to go down the most when I’m asleep is that I’m physically checking in on what’s happening on the servers while I’m awake so I catch most things before they turn bad).


4 Responses to Back up…

  1. Mischko says:

    I think it is a good idea to try and fix this permanently, because right now it’s taking too much of your precious time just to keep it running and it’s not even stable. Thanks for keeping us updated through this blog. Also, feel free to spam some technical details, you never know what help you’d get 🙂

  2. Matthias says: seems to be down again… Can someone confirm?

  3. Redxx says:

    Confirmed Matthias.

  4. Sean Colombo says:

    Yup 😦
    Should have been back up as of about 10:45am EDT.

    …can’t wait for the automatic monitoring!

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