Site is back up and looks good

It appears that the problems on the site were due to someone (read: me) messing up when they restarted the database-replication!

Thanks to a bunch of helpful problem-reports from a number of users, I had some good data to look at to figure out what was wrong. It was actually pretty easy to figure out once I had all of those problem-pages to look at (I’m talking about you Brian May!).

Bonus pretzel

While I was waiting for the computers to move some massive files around, I had a couple of minutes here and there to make other tweaks to the site. Two somewhat interesting things that came out of this time are that the 1) “job queue” is getting automatically run every hour now (which keeps things up to date and avoids assigning extra jobs to random users who would get like a 2 minute page-load randomly every 10,000 pages) and 2) the road-block page that shows up when the site is shut-down for maintenance now has an iframe in it which shows a google-search of for the same page and suggests that users click the “Cached” link. This will allow people to see a somewhat-recent of most of the pages even while the site is down. I dig it.

Special thanks/shoutouts to Kiefer, Redxx, Senvaikis, Teknomunk and WillMak050389 for their help figuring out what was wrong and testing things to make sure they were fixed!

As always, please let me know if you see something strange on the site. Thanks!


4 Responses to Site is back up and looks good

  1. Redxx says:

    Yes, he may look innocent but I’ve always thought there’s a lot more to old Brian than meets the eye 😉

  2. Redxx says:

    btw..Well done for getting the site back up and running again.

  3. leesepea says:

    Looks like it’s down again.

  4. lyricwiki says:

    Thanks leesepea! I’ve restarted it and it’s up again. *sigh*

    I’m going to need more servers soon!

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