Find more songs with “implied” redirects.

I’m proud to announce a long-overdue feature: implied redirects.

Implied redirects make it so that the site can often understand what you’re looking for even if it is misspelled or we don’t have a redirect page for the specific song.  For example, we have a redirect from the band name “Of A Revolution” to their preferred form “O.A.R.“.  However, if someone comes to the site, we do not have a redirect from “Of A Revolution:Crazy Game Of Poker” to the correct page: “O.A.R.:Crazy Game Of Poker“.  With the new implied-redirects extension, the site will automatically figure out what you meant and display the correct page.  To see it in action, go to “Of A Revolution:Crazy Game Of Poker“.

Implied redirects have been active in the API for quite some time, but didn’t work on the site until tonight.


5 Responses to Find more songs with “implied” redirects.

  1. Scott says:

    Does this by any chance break SOAP? I’m finding that some songs are now returning “#REDIRECT: [[foo]]” as the lyrics. For example, if I request the lyrics for “7 Chinese Brothers” by “REM”, I get:

    “#REDIRECT: [[R.E.M.:Seven Chinese Brothers]]”

    I can handle this in my application, but I would think that this is something that should be handled by lyricwiki.

    Thanks for any help with this!

  2. Scott says:

    Is this the reason that SOAP now sometimes returns the redirect message when requesting lyrics? For example, if I request the lyrics for “7 Chinese Brothers” by “REM”, it returns the “REDIRECT: [[R.E.M.:Seven Chinese Brothers]]” message.

  3. lyricwiki says:

    Thanks for the information. The problem was due to the webservice not handling redirects with the “:” in them. It’s been fixed so that should work now too (see your example).

    Thanks again for the heads-up. If you notice anything like that again, please toss me a message 🙂

  4. schneimi says:

    I’m running into the same problem with REST and

    Thx for your efforts.

  5. Sean Colombo says:

    Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂

    That was due to the capitalization being wrong for that page… the API requires that all words be capitalized (since MediaWiki is case-sensitive), so when a correctly-capitalized page redirects to an uncapitalized page, the system will automatically go looking for the version with all-caps which would make it go into an infinite loop (which it detects, then it gives up on the page after it realizes that).

    I’ve moved the page to the right location and it works now:

    Thanks again for the info!

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