LyricWiki and Wikipedia :)

LyricWiki is now in Wikipedia’s inter-wiki map.

To decrypt that for most users: now if you want to create a link from a wikipedia page to a LyricWiki page, all you have to do is enter [[lyricwiki:Page Name]] on the page and it will make the link for you.

Here is an example of what you could put in the wikipedia page for the band Tool which would link to the lyrics on LyricWiki:
[[lyricwiki:Tool|Tool lyrics]]

Pretty easy, huh?  The “Tool lyrics” part is just the text that you want to have show up as the link.  When you think a wikipedia article would benefit from linking to a LyricWiki page, feel free to throw one of those inter-wiki links in there.


5 Responses to LyricWiki and Wikipedia :)

  1. […] can easily link directly to LyricWiki from Wikipedia now. Behold inter-wiki linking. Tags: Wikipedia, […]

  2. Tracy Poff says:

    Congratulations on getting into the interwiki map, but I fear that people adding links to lyricwiki in Wikipedia are fairly likely to be reverted. Unless you have some special arrangement with the copyright holders of the lyrics that I’m not aware of, collecting lyrics on lyricwiki is copyright infringement. You’re free to take that risk, but Wikipedia has a policy against linking to copyright infringements.

    That aside, though, I do hope all goes well for you, even if Wikipedia can’t make use of it.

  3. lyricwiki says:

    Fortunately we’re protected by the DMCA. After trying unsuccessfully for a long time to pay royalties to anyone who would take them in the music industry, we realized we are protected.

    We have registered an official DMCA agent, so if an artist wishes to have their lyrics removed, they just need to send a request. We have not had a single request sent to us.

    This was a long hard road to get into the interwiki map because the community had to agree that we were not a copyright-violation, but it finally got approved a few months ago (the interwiki map doesn’t refresh very often so we had to wait a long time after the approval).

  4. Joe says:

    Congratulations to LyricWiki and all involved!
    It’s great to see the two communities come together in such an official capacity.

    I can’t wait to see the results as both communities intermingle.
    Then again on the internet it’s likely the communities have always been as one.

  5. Tracy Poff says:

    Ah, I didn’t understand the situation fully. I looked around briefly to see whether you had any sort of arrangement with the record companies or such, but didn’t find any information. I just looked at the discussion on meta to add the site to the interwiki map, so let me repeat my earlier sentiments a bit more positively:

    Congratulations on getting in the interwiki map! I look forward to seeing these useful links added to articles.

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