API is back! :D

Everything is all patched up finally.  The site and the API are both up, running, and seem to be handling traffic as well as ever.  Thanks to everyone who helped as we worked through the problems.

On top of that, thank you to everyone for being patient while the API was down (it ended up being more than 3 straight days).  This problem gave me a lot of time to think about how to avoid a similar problem in the future, so hopefully we won’t be going down this path again any time soon!


4 Responses to API is back! :D

  1. Stranger says:

    Thank you for getting it going again. Your hard work is much appreciated.
    I had only found out about the API a week or so before the upgrade. I had been looking for a way to embed the lyrics into the ID3tag of unsyncedlyrics. WSDL/SOAP has been a great learning experience as I learn more about PowerShell.


  2. Noel B says:


    The LyricWiki API is a great idea, and I look forward to trying it out.

    I was wondering if lyricwiki.org had ever considered not just including the text content of a song’s lyrics, but also permitted the addition of timing data to the lyrics as seen in a format such as LRC:

    I think this could expand on the types of things that could be created with the API and the wiki format would provide a fantastic way of allowing people to aggregate their work.


  3. Hostile Fork says:

    The LyricWiki API is great to have available! It gave me the idea to create a “Mash-up” (as the kids these days say). It’s called Albumist, and it pairs LyricWiki with Freebase’s track and album data. It shows an overview grid of the album covers, and lets the users drill down into the tracks to read the LyricWiki lyrics:


    (Notice it’s in alpha right now, and just had the source release on GitHub last night. Much to do! Though the ever-experimental Legendary Pink Dots are experimental enough to be trying it on their new Joomla!-powered site…)

    One wild idea I had was that if LyricWiki.org itself wished to use Albumist, it could make a nice replacement for the current “artist” pages which try to (manually?) summarize which songs come from which albums. It would unify two API-driven sources of free data, and keep you from having to worry about managing the highly-structured non-lyrics metadata (things like who engineered an album, how long the tracks are, the studio where they were recorded, etc. etc. which Freebase is already tackling very effectively)

    As an added benefit, it would be easier on LyricWiki servers because all the image data comes from Freebase. Plus most of the work is client-side JavaScript.

    What do you think?


  4. pm says:

    Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions from some of the major music publishers we can no longer return lyrics through the LyricWiki API (where this application gets some or all of its lyrics).
    (Please note: this is not the fault of the developer who created this application, but is a restriction imposed by the music publishers themselves.)

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