Site back up, API still down

The read-only slave database isn’t up yet, so I’m keeping the API down for the moment.  The rest of the site is back up though.


6 Responses to Site back up, API still down

  1. Stranger says:

    Is there any update on when the API will be brought back online?

  2. lyricwiki says:

    We’re still actively struggling with it. I think I found a way to fix it, but when I tried (took all day yesterday) for some reason it died before all of the tables were moved to the slave database.

    I’m trying it again, hoping that it was just a fluke (there’s really nowhere to get an error message for that). If it goes quickly and doesn’t fail, I’m hoping to be able to have the API back up by around 5pm.

    If it doesn’t work, then I’ll be able to come back to it tomorrow (Saturday 3/15) and work on it then, but if this doesn’t work I honestly don’t even know where to start. 😦

    Thanks for your interest (and your patience!) this is a really bad outage and I apologize.

  3. Stranger says:

    Thank you for the update. Good luck getting it going again.

  4. savas says:

    hello, i hope everything goes ok

    warm wishes & thanks for this great site!

  5. Goodtime says:

    And word on when LyricWiki site and datebase will be back online?



  6. lyricwiki says:

    It’s back up now. This was a different problem from the original post, but this new problem has been happening quite a bit lately.

    Hopefully it will be fixed a bit more permanently in the next few minutes (I’m looking into it).

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