Whew… chilled out.

So the problem that was invisible to users last night, but mandated that we reboot the server this morning (which did not go smoothly) was all because of a typo on my part yesterday.  I was installing a new ad-server, and basically I switched some parameters and a command started doing some bad things.  Thankfully the dudes at G3 helped me out, and once we figured out what was wrong it became clear to me exactly what I had done wrong and how it went amok.

If you desperately needed lyrics between like 10 and 11 and you couldn’t get them… that was my fault!   I am sorry, and I’ll try not to be a n00b again.

I’m also going to be making a script so that after a reboot, the entire system re-configures itself automatically so that we don’t have significant downtimes (I think the machines can reboot in like 30 seconds).

Now that the stress is over… here is some chill music.


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