Op-code caching is working. Setting up Squid (beware of possible outages).

LyricWiki is expanding…

Last night I got APC working on the active web-server (but not on the ‘spare’). APC is pretty stellar – brought the CPU usage on the web-server from around 90% down to around 15%. Tonight I’m working on getting Squid caching set up. This involves a few things:

  1. Getting the Squid running as a cache server so that most pages get cached and served very quickly.
  2. Figuring out how to use the Squid as a load-balancer and balance between the other two machines (they need an interesting setup so that the album art images only get stored to one server).
  3. Switching over to use this new configuration (so that the Squid is connected to the world, and the Apache web-server boxes are behind it).
  4. Getting the ‘spare’ web-server up to speed (getting APC working on it despite that it’s running a different version of CentOS).

I’m in foreign territory here, and I’m learning as I go – so there may be some outages tonight. I’ll try to avoid them and quickly revert them if they do happen, but don’t be surprised if you start getting weird errors for a few seconds at a time.

This entry probably sounds completely Greek to most people (as it probably would have to me about a week ago). After things get stable and the servers have a chance to breath, I’ll try to write a post explaining first: in layman’s terms how the server-farm is all set up, and second: how others running MediaWiki can get their systems set up the same way (as easily as possible).


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