Upcoming Outages (and upgrades!)

I’ve ordered $1,000 worth of RAM and most of it is going to be put into our existing servers tonight. The rest of the RAM is for a new server that I’ll be installing soon which will be a “Squid“. At Wikimania 2006, I was fortunate enough to be joined for lunch by one of the guys running Wikipedia’s Tampa datacenter, and he gushed over Squid. It really sounded fantastic, and we’re finally at a point with scaling where we can afford to get an extra box for this Squid. On Wikipedia, the reports are that this server can cache pages and serve around 70% of requests without having to go to the webserver/database server for anything. I expect this number will be considerably lower since we have a much smaller set of logged-out users, but it should still rock… hard (and keep up highly available if we are put on digg or LifeHacker again).

When I get word from my host about exactly when the RAM is going to be switched out, I’ll post more details. The Squid update should be within the next several days (not sure when yet… stay tuned for that also).


One Response to Upcoming Outages (and upgrades!)

  1. Redxx says:

    Thanks for update Sean

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