Diesel power! (or actually just RAM)

Ok, so it’s not diesel power, but after a few hours of running, the server is noticeably faster.

After becoming the lyrics provider for CantoPod, our servers have been getting an extra dosage of pain.  CantoPod is an iTunes plugin with hundreds of thousands of active users and just decided to switch over to LyricWiki within this week.  It was good timing right as we were about to upgrade.  We had a few rough days, but we’re back!

I mentioned earlier that we’re going to be adding a Squid caching server to the configuration, but I have a surprise: we’re also going to add another web-server!  (for the techies: that’s one Squid w/4gb of ram, 2 Apaches – one with 2gb ram, one with 4gb ram, and a mySQL server with 4gb ram.  Most if not all are dual-core Opterons or Xeons).

So this week we’re essentially triple-and-a-halfing our RAM, and doubling the number of servers – all in a more intelligent layout (since we’ll now have a Squid)!  With this we should be easily able to triple our traffic or more before seeing the site slow down again.

Our outage was only a couple of minutes to swap over the new RAM, ’cause our server guy is hardcore.  If you’re in the market for dedicated hosting, you should check them out: G3 Tech.  They do not suck.

I’ll give another warning before any outages for switching to the new configuration with the two additional servers.  They should be really brief or nonexistent though.


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