LyricWiki + Pedlr = Awesome!

LyricWiki has now been rolled into the same design as Pedlr.

Pedlr is a social marketplace, meaning that musicians can sell their content directly from their profiles! By blending traditional networking with these ecommerce features, bands now have the power to take their act to the next level even if they aren’t signed!

The site will be officially… formally… um… publicly launching on February 26th. We need as many bands and users on there as we can get! The value of a network grows exponentially with the number of nodes (that’s you!).

The same way that LyricWiki used ÜberBot to crawl the internet and build a critical-mass of lyrics… now I’m counting on the LyricWiki community to sign up, and bring your friends! If the thousands of LyricWiki users join the site, Pedlr is going to be an amazing place full of great content!

Pleeeeease join Pedlr!


14 Responses to LyricWiki + Pedlr = Awesome!

  1. mhmazidi says:

    plz add persian language to the lyricwiki.tnx

  2. Undelien IT says:

    please add persian(farsi) language to the

  3. lyricwiki says:

    @ mhmazidi && Undelien IT:
    I don’t speak Farsi… if you or someone you know does, could you please try to add it to LyricWiki? I don’t know of anyone specific whom I could ask.

    Any other LyricWikians out there speak Farsi??

    If someone makes a main page then points me in the direction of some site(s) where I could find Persian lyrics, I could add a bunch of songs w/o needing to know how to read them.

  4. […] اضافه كردن فارسي را گذاشتيم.شما هم اگر دوست داريد در اين لينك  كامنت […]

  5. کامی says:

    Hi dear
    please add persian language to the

  6. کامی says:

    We can help you to translate lyrics.

  7. Gonahkar says:

    if you wanna see a persian support wiki, you can look at that have 18000+ articles in persian.
    if you add persian language to lyricwiki, you are the first lyric reference wiki for persian users in internet.

    hope you run it man 😉

  8. hello.
    please add persian language to the
    Thank You.
    Mohammad Mirzaie

    see to link:

  9. lyricwiki says:

    I’ll start working on it… it’ll be a bit challenging to add lyrics since I don’t know the language at all so I can’t tell where lyrics start and stop and what is meta-info.

    For instance, what does this mean:
    فرستنده متن
    Is that an artist name, the name of a site, or is it something else?

    – Sean

  10. fanttazio says:

    Dear Sean فرستنده متن means “text sender” in persian.If You have more questions don’t hesitate!!

  11. Underlien IT says:

    ya man

    dont worry for persian translation , start this project and we will help you


  12. mhmazidi says:

    dear sean
    thanks for this project.

  13. کامی says:

    Hi dear
    “Are the years that the albums were released on the page somewhere?”
    my respond”yes all lyrics have this, you can see the year of release album on “تاریخ انتشار” in album page. for example » تاریخ انتشار:اسفند ۱۳۸۵.”

    “Also, do you guys use the Gregorian calendar – currently year 2007 – or would I have to convert it?”
    my respond “we are use both of Gregorian & HIJRI calendars but if you convert the Gregorian calendar to HIJRI, all of users can use lyricwiki project.”

  14. M@th says:

    Hi guys,

    Amazing work, you are doing here keep it up.

    Don’t know if there is a french section, but it could be great.

    I am also wondering if there is a kind of exchnage between internautes like forums and so to speak about the meaning of the songs and to exchnage points of view.

    (I am all a newbie to this site 😉

    Cya all


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