Server is… wow, that’s fast!

The site is back up now, and dang is it fast!

I expected that moving the database to a special server with a ton of RAM would make it faster during peak times, but I’ve never seen a MediaWiki run anywhere near this fast even on a localhost.

And for loyal LyricWiki fans, I’ll point you to where our new site has just soft-launched. I went on a leave of absence from school and I’ve been working fulltime on Pedlr for the last 4.5 months. I’m really proud of it and I hope you dig it!

Pedlr is the first “Social Marketplace” which means that it works like a social networking site except that content creators (namely musicians to start) can sell their content directly through their profiles and keep the vast majority of the revenue. Pedlr is commercial in nature, and it’s the money from Pedlr that’s going to be paying for that rediculous server upgrade… I can’t get over how fast it is! *is overly excited*

Anyway, the site is soft-launched which means that it’s up, but we’re not telling the press just yet (you can still tell your friends). I’d really appreciate it if you took a second to swing by Pedlr and give me your thoughts. Thanks!
– Sean Colombo


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