Big upgrades on the way

As I’ve mentioned before, LyricWiki’s long-term financial stability is going to be taken care of by rolling it into the forthcoming Pedlr. It will still be the cool site you all know and love, but it will technically be a portion of Pedlr, so they will be in the same server farm.

LyricWiki has gotten very stable over the last couple of weeks, serving over 150,000 pages (or SOAP results) a day to hungry lyrics fans everywhere… but it’s about to get upgraded in a big way.

Right now everything is on one high-grade server, but to get ready to handle the anticipated launch of Pedlr, we’re going to be getting more web-servers and moving the database to its own special server with 4 Gigs of RAM (this makes it serve lyrics faster!). We’ll be able to support more users at once, more responses through the lyrics api, and every request will go faster than ever.

Very exciting! I’ll let you know when we have the new hardware ready… 🙂


One Response to Big upgrades on the way

  1. Hiho again, possibly a little late for this to be really useful, but you mensioned in an earlier post the possibility of setting up a second cache server. Theres no reason I can see you can’t set up squid on the same server as apache. Need to make sure there is enough RAM to cope, butit should still reduce some CPU load on the server.

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